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Web analytics reporting gold – tying a Visit to an inbound call

The importance of tying a Visit to a call centre transaction

You provide copious amounts of information on your web site but perhaps your prospect still needs to speak with you and will therefore probably complete their transaction during a phone call rather than online.

Great the business got a sale, but this poses a significant challenge for a web analyst because it’s not easy to tie web data to call centre data at an individual level.  This raises a few important questions:

  • Can you claim all, some or no credit for the sale?
  • How can you measure such a journey in order to ensure that your media spend and web site is optimised and efficient?
  • Is a high bounce rate on a page containing a sales phone number something to be encouraged or feared?
  • Is someone who starts a session yet completes the sale offline a better or worse customer when analysis ROI or LTV than if I transacted 100% online or offline?

An obvious but messy solution

One solution is to generate a session value which could also act as a reference number, and for the call centre operator to ask the caller to quote this to them.  This sounds simple, but the call centre operator may not always ask for it or perhaps the caller cannot locate the reference number.  Then you need to change the call centre database to capture the reference number, yet many systems are inflexible.  Finally you next require a mechanism or resource to import this data in to your analytics tool.

Overall, it’s quite a messy solution which is prone to failure, but without a similar mechanism in place analysts are left with a gaping hole in their insight capability.

A great, neat and new solution from AdInsight

I met with a UK tech company called AdInsight a few weeks ago who has such a neat solution that I can’t believe that it’s not been done before.

Their Clarity product was launched at AdTech this week and it has the potential to transform a brand’s understanding of how the web is driving inbound calls.  And all without changing anything at the call centre and without relying on people to relay and record reference numbers.

In a nutshell, how does Clarity work?

AdInsight has preregistered millions of phone numbers and a unique number is allocated to each Visit on a client’s web site.  Any call to the unique number is redirected by Clarity to the client’s intended destination number, ie their call centre, and Clarity tracks when the call was redirected, answered and completed.  Proprietary algorithms determine how often and under what circumstances the number can be churned for use in future visits [a number is never reused by a different client] and simple analytics is used to tie the session data to any call.

So, what’s so special?

I think there are many great aspects to Clarity’s reporting, so here’s a summary of the coolest questions you’ll be able to answer.

  • Knowing when a session started and which pages were viewed BEFORE the prospect dialled the call centre?
  • How many and which pages were viewed whilst they were on the phone to you?
  • Understanding whether continuing to view pages whilst they’re on the phone makes them more or less likely to convert during that call.  Ie, does this behaviour make them more or less engaged with the call centre operator?
  • How long did their call last for?
  • What pages did they view [in the same Visit] after the call ended?
  • Which keywords / campaigns drive calls and sales, which drive calls and leads or indeed which drive no calls at all?
  • If a call wasn’t answered, perhaps the call centre was understaffed, which campaigns were most affected and how much potential revenue was lost?  Also, pass this data to the outbound call team to call an apologise.
  • An ability to replay a phone call through the Clarity interface.

AdInsight example report

You can export the Clarity data to your main analytics platform, such as SiteCatalyst or through their Google Analytics API so you’ll then know what Visit number they were on when the call was made, what products have they have looked at online and so on.

Overall, I wouldn’t be surprised if some brands couldn’t make at least 20% savings on their media costs whilst maintaining the same number of sales.  It will also allow you to prove beyond doubt that for certain pages a high bounce or exit rate is a very desirable and profitable journey indeed.

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