Analytics, experimentation, tag management and data experts

120Feet is a digital consultancy with a mission to help businesses make more profit from the best use possible of their online marketing technology, data and conversion opportunities. 

To do this, we specialise in planning and deploying web analytics tools, helping clients use experimentation to improve customer journeys and experiences, deploying tag management systems, undertaking reporting & analysis services and delivering various data projects. 

Web analytics: expertise in the auditing, deployment and use of Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. 

Experimentation and optimisation: optimising user journeys using tools such as Adobe Target and Monetate.  Full-stack services cover ideation, technical build, QA, analysis and recommendations. 

Tag management: data layer design, tagging briefs and configuration for the deployment of any tag via any tag manager but mainly GTM, Tealium and Adobe Data Collection / Launch.  Configuration and running of automated tag testing and auditing tools such as Observe Point.  Deployment of cookie and privacy consent tools such as OneTrust and Usercentrics. 

Insight & reporting: analysis, reporting, insights and end-user training. 

Data projects: ingest data in to analytics systems, push data in to client owned databases and data visualisation tools using no / low code tools such as Google Big Query, Google Looker Studio, Alteryx and Knime. 


This is why clients love what we do 

Typically analytics, conversion and data consultancies tend to work at arms-length.  We are different because we want to be on site working with your team as often as you’ll have us. 

Our fees tend to be lower than most, yet we provide an exceptionally high level of service.  This is because we have minimal overheads and are very efficient in delivering client projects using our experienced team. 

If you are struggling for any reason, we can provide an extra pair of hands for as long or short as you require.  For example, if you: 

  • Are lacking skilled resource, meaning you can’t deploy or have deployed incorrectly, to fix bugs and evolve your implementation.  Or to improve your experimentation quality and run rate 
  • Have no time / too many higher priority tasks but don’t want to neglect your data collection and reporting capability 
  • Require cover for staff shortages, long-term sickness or support between employee departures and new employees coming onstream 
  • Had a poor experience with other suppliers who may have oversold, over charged or underdelivered 

Overall, we believe our approach provides exceptional value for money together with great service and results. 

But don’t just take our word for it.  Our clients tend to start with a discrete, often small project, and the requirements grow to become multi-year and open-ended relationships. 

“120Feet provides intensive support for various tagging projects and ongoing BAU resource to continually improve our Adobe Analytics implementation deployed through Tealium. 

There hasn’t been a tag yet they haven’t been able to deploy!”

DJ, Digital Analytics Lead, Avis Budget Group 

120Feet has worked with ABG since 2012 

“We have worked with 120Feet for the past 7 years. 

No project is too big or small, from helping develop our targeting capability in the app, to day-to-day front end Adobe Target development.

They are a flexible and knowledge partner.”

Personalisation Manager, TSB Bank plc

120Feet has worked with TSB since 2017 

“120Feet really came to my rescue when we were down on headcount and have bolstered the team’s success.  I’ll always be grateful for their professionalism and support.”

RG, E-commerce Strategy & Operations Leader, global provider of apparel, accessories and fragrance  

Web analytics

Web analytics is critical to help a business understand and optimise customer journeys, offering invaluable insights into the behaviour of visitors, the performance of content and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

120Feet can help you audit your current implementation of Google or Adobe analytics, deploy changes and train your end users to help them extract maximum value from your current investment.  Or we can help migrate from one to the other in a controlled and efficient manner. 

tag management icon

Website experimentation is the practice of rapidly testing different versions of an element, page, or pages of a site to see which alternative works best.  It is sometimes called A:B or Multivariate (MVT) Testing. 

The objective is to make continual user journey improvements by identifying and fixing potential issues before they become big or long-term problems. 

120Feet can provide full-stack support and guidance from ideation to conclusion, including technical build, QA, analysis, and recommendations. 

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Tag management systems streamline the process and accuracy of managing and deploying various tags on a website. 

We work with all leading tag managers such as Google Tag Manager (“GTM”), Adobe Data Collection (previously “Launch”) and Tealium iQ through which we can deploy any marketing tag including analytics, campaign, email etc.

For many clients the process starts with a user requirements and tag audit, followed by a data layer and solution design, through to the configuration of the tag manager to deploy the marketing tags in accordance with an agreed specification. 

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Delivering web analytics user training spanning implementation, dashboarding, analysis and data manipulation. 

Helping clients with data projects.  Perhaps to ingest data in to analytics systems or more usually to push data into client owned databases and data visualisation tools.

We are an Observe Point partner and use their tool to automate tag testing ensuring analytics and other tag deployments are working as designed. 

Deploy privacy and cookie consent tools such as OneTrust and Usercentrics.