Training and education 

Much of our time is spent implementing tag managers, web analytics and experimentation programmes.  We also help clients educate their end users on how best to use and maintain these tools. 

There are many excellent training resources; both free and paid for.  These are aimed at a wide market and will be quite generic; so perfect to teach core concepts such as how to navigate a UI and administer an implementation. 

To build on the freely available training, 120Feet takes a bespoke approach to answer a client’s exact requirements.  For example: 

  1. Training on how to use the tools with specific reference to the client’s website and user journeys. 
  2. Explaining how to go from a use-case to delivery.  So, taking a web analytics requirement, designing a solution, implementing the solution and walking through the output / reports. 
  3. Technical training on how to debug a web analytics implementation or helping people with HTML and javascript challenges. 
  4. Specific user training to help a client improve their experimentation ideation process and writing better briefs. 
  5. Training will be tailored to meet end user requirements, current knowledge / skillset and expectations.  The sessions will therefore range from simple workshops to help get users started, through to advanced concepts for regular users, developers, implementation specialists and analysts.  They can be delivered in 1:1, 1:few or 1:many groups. 

Clients regard 120Feet as a trusted partner and we also contribute to a wide range of meetings and topics in order to help educate other departments, give advice and provide opinions. 

If your organisation could benefit from tailored training, help and support please get in touch. 

Cookie consent and privacy management onetrust & Usercentrics 

Consent management is key to handling user permissions for data collection and processing, ensuring compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.  This process involves informing users about the data you collect, its usage and obtaining their consent. 

Consent Management Platforms (“CMPs”) streamline this process, providing a systematic way to manage user consents, maintain compliance and uphold transparency. 

There are several CMP providers and our clients tend to use onetrust or Usercentrics  

Many businesses find their current CMP implementations fall short of expectations and requirements, risking non-compliance and a diminishing user experience.  120Feet’s team can conduct a detailed audit of your CMP implementation, identifying and resolving any issues to ensure full regulatory compliance. 

Our implementation expertise means we can deploy a CMP using any tag management system such as Google Tag Manager (GTM), Tealium and Adobe Launch.  Thus ensuring that regardless of your technology stack, we can integrate your chosen CMP in a manner that’s both efficient and minimally invasive to your website’s operation. 

Data projects 

We help clients with various data projects to ingest data in to analytics systems, or more usually to push data in to client owned databases and data visualisation tools. 

This can include no code and low code tools such as Google’s Big Query and Looker studio , Alteryx or Knime  

Typically, this will use ETL / ELT for blending and transforming data from various sources, data preparation and enrichment for cleaner and more reliable analysis, modelling and visualising analytics, deploying and monitoring data science solutions. 

These capabilities are aimed at making it easier for organisations to develop insights and make better decisions by improving their analytics maturity and achieving higher value outcomes. 


“I asked 120Feet to look at the performance of our main ecommerce site, with a particular focus on how third-party tags were affecting load time and customer experience.

Other key objectives included a review of the configuration of our tag management system (Adobe Launch), a comparison of the SEO performance versus key competitors and a review of page render resources.

The audit resulted in 25 recommendations being made to improve site performance, ranging from quick wins such as image compression through to longer term projects involving re-factored server-side code.”

NG, Digital Transformation Director

Web analytics


Delivering better visitor experiences and improving conversion rates requires good quality data.

If you are struggling to get the most from your investment in Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics please get in touch.

We will help you understand where your implementation can be improved and how to go about doing it.  And if you are lacking resource or skills, we can take care of the changes for you.

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Delivering better customer experiences should be a fundamental goal of any business, whether it’s deepening a relationship through a great service journey or driving increased conversion through a personalised checkout.

Customer expectations are higher than ever; you should know who your customers are, what their likes and dislikes are, what they’ve purchased before and what might be relevant for them in the future.

targeting and personalisation icon

Delivering better customer experiences is key to drive conversion.  Your customers are thinking: “Know me and respect me.”  “Speak in one voice.”  “Make tech transparent.”  “Delight me at every turn.”

If you need help to implement and get started with targeting and personalisation, such as Adobe Target, please get in touch.

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