We are vendor agnostic and will happily work with your preferred technology providers.

If you’re after advice and recommendations, we can help you review the marketplace, produce a shortlist and help with procurement in order to make your search less painful and time consuming.

And we have a close working relationship with many vendors, several of which are official partners, in order that we can deliver the best service to you in the most efficient and effective way possible. 


120Feet has been an Adobe Community Partner for ten+ years.

Business tend to choose Adobe when they have complex data and reporting needs; for example a very large site, perhaps many (sometime hundreds) of sites and many end users. 

Adobe Analytics 

Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe Target 

Adobe Launch   


Tealium provides the leading paid-for tag manager and related services.  120Feet has partnered with Tealium for over 9 years.

Tealium iQ Tag Management for client-side data collection and tag management.

Tealium EventStream API Hub for server-side data collection for web, mobile, IoT and more.

Tealium AudienceStream CDP  unify your customer data and power real-time audience engagement with a data-first Customer Data Platform.

Tealium Predict ML  automate and enrich your customer experience with the power of business-friendly machine learning insights.


ObservePoint offers tools that help companies ensure their websites and tags work smoothly by checking for any technical issues and that they handle customer data safely and in compliance with laws.

120Feet configures and runs tag audits and page scans on behalf of clients, which frees up their time to focus on recommendations and changes.


Monetate provides experimentation and personalisation capabilities, so organisations can make online shopping better by helping them show customers more of what they like and less of what they don’t They use technology to test different website features and recommend products, aiming to make shopping online easier and more personalised for each customer. 

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

We are not a Google Analytics reseller; sadly we’re too small.

However, we have excellent experience having delivered hundreds of deployments of Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager, Adobe Data Collection / Launch and Tealium iQ over the past 12+ years.

Web analytics

Delivering better visitor experiences and improving conversion rates requires good quality data.

If you are struggling to get the most from your investment in Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics please get in touch.

We will help you understand where your implementation can be improved and how to go about doing it.  And if you are lacking resource or skills, we can take care of the changes for you.

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Website experimentation is the practice of rapidly testing different versions of an element, page, or pages of a site to see which alternative works best.  It is sometimes called A:B or Multivariate (MVT) Testing.

The objective is to make continual user journey improvements by identifying and fixing potential issues before they become big or long-term problems.

120Feet can provide full-stack support and guidance from ideation to conclusion, including technical build, QA, analysis, and recommendations.

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Tag management systems streamline the process and accuracy of managing and deploying various tags on a website.

We work with all leading tag managers such as Google Tag Manager (“GTM”), Adobe Data Collection (previously “Launch”) and Tealium iQ through which we can deploy any marketing tag including analytics, campaign, email etc.

For many clients the process starts with a user requirements and tag audit, followed by a data layer and solution design, through to the configuration of the tag manager to deploy the marketing tags in accordance with an agreed specification.

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Delivering web analytics user training spanning implementation, dashboarding, analysis and data manipulation. 

Helping clients with data projects.  Perhaps to ingest data in to analytics systems or more usually to push data into client owned databases and data visualisation tools. 

We are an Observe Point partner and use their tool to automate tag testing ensuring analytics and other tag deployments are working as designed. 

Deploy privacy and cookie consent tools such as OneTrust and Usercentrics.

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