About Ben

Ben Stephenson has worked as a consultant for 120Feet for nearly three years. He has ten years of development experience on ecommerce websites, and five years of Digital Marketing experience as an ecommerce manager looking after a large multinational collection of websites for a Travel and Tourism company. In his spare time he plays guitar, builds with Lego and takes photos (sometimes featuring the guitar or the Lego).

Auditing Cookies

I have recently spent time with a client revisiting their site cookie opt in configuration.  This is something we do regularly, to ensure that the cookie and tag information on the privacy page is up to date and accurate.   The client in question uses One Trust to perform a scan of the site and [...]

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Getting started with DataTrue

DataTrue is a tool that enables you to audit, monitor and validate your tagging and analytics configuration. It checks for the presence (or absence) of tags, the validity of the data being passed to them and the contents of the data layer across your site. Find out more here or contact us to talk about [...]

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